Zendesk, Custom Modular Stand

Zendesk, Custom Modular Stand



Client: Zendesk

Event Name: Retail Week 2019 Intercontinental Hotel, London O2 & Various others.

Agency Website: unltd.xyz

The Brief

UNLTD_XYZ was requested to design and facilitate Zendesk’s first UK exhibition stands at customer experience technology shows in 2014. In 2015 the design conscious client was already re-branding and they wanted their exhibition presence to reflect the brand evolution.

Interpretation of company philosophy of having a more ‘Zen’ look and feel to their branded spaces. Working with the internal creative team we designed, managed and produced the new minimalist natural aesthetic created for UK and European shows for this global customer service software company.

Alongside the main exhibition stands we were delivering at shows in the UK and across the EU, we were requested to design and produce a smaller modular exhibition stand kit in 2017 that could be used at more low-key hotel style conferences and events as a smaller modular type branded environment.

We started the creative process after the additional new brief was developed with the client and used our existing 3D brand language from the main exhibition stand and applied this methodology, however with a mindset of reducing the scale down to work within smaller spaces and venues.

The elements are used at several conference style exhibitions throughout the year across various compact size and shape spaces, and thus the custom designed elements need to be modular and changeable.

The brief and remit or works evolved over the years until the present day and many updates were made, however still utilising the initial kit of elements that were created back in 2017 and are still in usage to this day.

The Solution and Activation

We commenced the design led research and development stage with considered enthusiasm to build on the success of the existing main exhibition stands already in usage. Our inspiration came directly from our existing stand design, however with a reduction in scale, however without compromising on the considered design aesthetic and functionality. The main remit was as follows:

– Considered bespoke custom made modular elements
– Look and feel to be in keeping with the existing main stand design
– Quality production for longevity
– Reuse for sustainability
– Ease of setup and dismantle within very short time frames, as used at small hotel-type conference events
– Considered crates and packaging solution
– Ease of transporting in a small van by one person and easily setup by hand at venues,
and or client’s independent usage of some of the elements at times
– To make Zendesk stand out as the world leader in customer service
– Cost effective solution and easily updatable graphics

The minimal design aesthetic and palette of materiality was developed and consisted of custom-made FSC oak wood and oak veneered joinery. The elements consisted of a modular reception desk with bespoke internal secure storage. A modular demo desk that accommodate between two to four people for presentations. A modular freestanding literature and magazine display branded unit. In addition, a modular system graphic wall with built-in audiovisual screen display. All of these modular elements were to be contained with a set of custom-made protective crates with considered compartments that fully maximised the negative spaces within to contain the furniture, AV, literature, giveaways and technology. To minimise the amount of transported crates to venues and allow for a prompt install, setup and dismantle at venues.

As the majority of these hotel-type events typically only allowed their clients the usage of a supplied table, chair and pull-up style graphic banner we sometimes came up against resistance with event organisers. However, once they had reviewed our drawings and visuals, they realised that our progressive modular kit would enhance their event and that we would be contained within their stipulated 3m x 3m and or 3m x 2m stand spaces. We were always permitted to use of bespoke modular system.

The effective design solution and modular approach allowed Zendesk to enable delivery, install, and dismantle with a military like precision. They were always able to setup the modular stand within the very short times permitted.

The Results

The client’s, competitors and organiser’s feedback at the many shows since 2017, was always very complimentary. Our considered and effective design-led solution clearly demonstrates that the initial investment to develop such a solution is worthwhile.

Significant brand awareness has always been achieved and our continued high level of customer service and progressive creativity often celebrated and recognised by the clients we have had the pleasure to work with in the UK and across the EU using the bespoke modular exhibition stand design system.

The modular stand design has withstood the test of time, doesn’t look dated, and if anything is of a timeless look and feel.

Furthermore, as sustainability in design is at the core of our company ethos, knowing that this stand has made significant savings of raw materials and less waste being generated over the years in its continued reuse makes us extremely proud.

The results clearly show that if you create considered design proposals and produce quality-manufactured exhibition elements, they can be used for long periods. Even under considerable usage of the elements across many shows over several years, they go ahead with minimal refurbishment and still look like new and continue to meet the client’s requirements.

This bespoke modular approach to exhibiting to a higher level of aesthetic and functional presence, truly made Zendesk stand out at the shows and events they participated in.