Zenwise Health – Zesty Paws

Zenwise Health – Zesty Paws


Agency: 2020 Exhibits

Client: Zenwise Health – Zesty Paws

Event Name: Global Pet Expo 2019

Agency Website: www.2020exhibits.com

The Brief

Exhibiting at their very first tradeshow, the Zesty Paw brand had bold and clear objectives for the Global Pet Expo. Some might even say the very best things often come in small packages. When you think about it, who isn’t enthralled with new found packaged surprise like diamonds or a new pet, like a puppy or kitten? As one of the industry’s largest platforms for big brands and business to showcase and compete on this global stage, the Global Pet Expo is the place to see and be seen. For Zenwise, objectives include a space that is fun and inviting with an intentional and impossible to miss theme. The brand must be memorable and capture attention with its rebrand color palate, all from a small space that is versatile and impossible to forget.

The Solution

An inspiring design from the start, this exhibit environment is light-hearted and fun with plenty of room to include products and expand the imagination!

The Activation

The creative design offers almost endless flexibility with plans for the structure to downsize by up to 50% for Zesty Paw’s next show, depending on the needs and objectives. A custom-build grid system anchors the space, giving the team ample flexibility to create a unique and customizable space. A friendly variety of cut-out props, including trees, clouds, a dog, and cat, can be interchangeably set up in the exhibit. Product shelving is also flexible and interchangeable with the dimensional elements, giving Zesty Paws the utmost in creativity and flexibility.

The Results

The Zesty Paws Barkyard delivers on all fronts with foot traffic was consistent and steady throughout the event with an impressive number of both quality and the number of attendees. From the client’s declares this first show such a success that they are re-evaluating their 2020 trade show calendar to include two or three new shows, giving Zesty Paws and this zesty exhibit experience more opportunities to shine! The story continues…