How to Enter World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022 

Entering World Exhibition Stand Awards 2022

All entries must be submitted online

The Categories

1. Please select the categories you wish to enter and complete your customer login to create your account.

All Agencies and Brands are invited to enter Exhibition Stands and Digital Event Activations.  Projects may be entered into multiple categories that are suitable.  For example you may decide your exhibition stand suits more than one category such as:-  Best Stand 1000+ sqm, Best Storytelling & Best Stand

You may decide to enter different projects into the same category.  For example, you may have multiple entries that would suit the same category.

All entries must date from events taken place from November 2019 to April 2022.

2. After selecting categoriesfollow the online form, completing the *necessary fields.

3. If you have a promotional voucher, enter it on the summary page and click apply.

4. Please confirm and complete your transaction by selecting your payment method.

Completing your project information online.

1. Please select the categories you wish to enter and complete your customer login to create your account.

Log in to your account to complete or amend the required information for the judges.

Please follow the form online and upload information such as photos and videos.  You can log on to make changes to your submission until entries close on 30 April 2022.

Social Handles – please provide to enable us to use during the promotion of the winners and finalists.

Entry Information required online:

Client name (where applicable)
The name of the client / exhibition company.
Please ensure this is the correct and accurate name for your client.
Event name (where applicable)
Which event(s) the project was created at.
Please ensure this is the correct and accurate name for your event.
The Brief (up to 250 words)
What was the client’s brief and objective for the project? What challenges were overcome? What were the event and market contexts?

The Solution and Activation (up to 550 words)
How did you approach the creative idea? What was your inspiration? What was unique about the solution? Describe the creative idea and activation in detail. What was special about the execution? Explain how the solution worked in real life.

The Results (up to 250 words)
What were the results? Be precise, KPI’s attendance, revenue, engagement, meetings, leads, sales, media coverage, social media amplification, and commercial impact. This information will be shared with the judges. If confidential information is included, please let us know. When promoting the winners , we will ensure to remove confidential data.

Summary of Entry (50 words)
Please provide a 50 word summary of this entry, for use in the winners promotional material where appropriate.

Supporting Information

The Gallery
Photographs of the live exhibition stand/booth, images of the design or other relevant images of digital activations. Upload images up to 5 MB each, png, jpg or gif format.

Videos (optional)
Video(s) of the stand or client testimonial. Option for linking video files hosted on the web. Links to YouTube and Vimeo videos are automatically embedded in the submission or can be uploaded directly.

Client Testimonials
Any comments, feedback or testimonial from the client to support the entry. Client testimonials will be shared with the judges, but not included in promotional material.

Criteria for Judging

Our judges are looking for submissions that most powerfully establish a link between the commercial, business, or experiential challenge, the proposed solution, and the actual outcomes.

Four Key Criteria in mind.
1. What was the context? Was the objective clearly articulated?
2. Clarity and creativity of solution and activation. How effectively did these address the event and market context and how well were they executed?
3. What were the real benefits? what were the KPIs and how were they achieved?
4. Demonstrative impact. How strong is the proof? Increased sales, client’s testimonials, customer feedback, stand traffic, media coverage.

A note about language
The World Exhibition Stand Awards are open to entries from anywhere in the world. All entries must be submitted in business English. Please note the Judges are not scoring the quality or accuracy of the written English, but the quality of the idea and results. Google translate is acceptable as a method for translating your entry into English.

Rules and assistance
Entries will only be accepted for the categories you are entering. You may enter multiple categories and the same entry may be submitted to multiple categories.

All entries must be in English and submitted through the World Exhibition Stand Awards Website by 30 April 2022

Focus on specific and tangible achievements or outcomes. The judges are asked to consider these and are required to support their decision with references to innovations or achievements. A 500 word history of your organisation may make for interesting reading but will not give the judges enough information to make an award.

Remember you are being judged on the creative design and marketing success of the exhibition stand you have created. In categories other than the Best new product awards, this may relate to products or innovations launched outside the judging period but the growth or contract wins that you are highlighting should be during the period.

The judges’ decision is final. The judges will be named however it will not be indicated which awards they are judging. Regardless, any attempts to influence the judges will result in immediate disqualification. Judges will not be eligible to judge a category in which they have an interest.