Interview with Adrian Bell and Mike Wain

Name:             Adrian Bell / Mike Wain

Company:        Action Impact LLC

Job Title:          Co-founders


What are the big trends in exhibition stand design?

A: Technology, data capture, ceiling features, stand-based activations.


How international is the exhibition industry becoming?

A: Our opinion is that it’s always been an international industry but with more ability now to design and deliver locally as the expertise has become more localised.


What is driving this internationalisation?

A: See answer as per question 2.


What has been the best innovation of the past 5 years?

A: Data capture tools, mobile event apps.


What are clients looking from their stand designers?

A: Recycling of existing assets.  Doing more with less!  How to measure success.


To what extent is technology impacting on stand design?

A: Clients expect technology to be integrated into the overall experience.


What do you expect the next 5 years will hold for exhibition stand design?

A: Mixed reality technology and experiences.


Do exhibitions get the status they deserve versus other marketing channels?

A: No. Poor planning, lack of measurement from clients.


What’s the best exhibition stand or event you’ve seen in the last year?

A: The motor show industry continues to set the standard for exhibition stands experiences globally.  In the Middle East, it’s the real estate and teleco industry and our work for Aldar there continues to set the standard.


If you could change one thing about the world of exhibitions what would it be?

A: Spiralling venue and organiser costs.

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