Interview with Crystal Chu, Creative Director, Kingsmen Exhibits.

Interview with Crystal Chu, Creative Director, Kingsmen Exhibits.

What does it mean to you to be a 2020 Winner in the World Exhibition Stand Awards?

It is humbling to be recognised internationally by World Exhibition Stand Awards and be a part of the global exhibition industry alongside other winners who all aim to achieve wonderful works. Ultimately, we want brands working with us to be able to leave lasting impressions and unforgettable experiences for their visitors. 

What changes have you implemented during Covid-19?

As a transformative group, we made it a point to pivot according to the changing times. Predicting the market’s needs and demands, we began to look into different solutions to offer brands an alternative to the mass cancellation of events globally. 

By integrating the projects with suitable digital solutions, we offered a myriad of solutions ranging from ‘phygital’ event spaces to a walkthrough of exhibition or galleries using augmented and virtual reality. Engagement is now virtual and we leverage on its benefits.

With just the click of a finger, you can get to your intended choice of exploration. Other than real-time navigation, the digital portal allows us to collect and study user behaviour to further drive personalised engagement.

In contribution to the Singapore government’s efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, we have also repurposed our modular structures, converting our booth capabilities to accommodate facilities for medical testing and isolation. 

What changes do you expect to introduce looking ahead in stand design and experience as the events industry recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic?

As of yet, there is no vaccine for the virus and we are familiarising with the ways around social distancing preventions. We expect the world to reopen slowly but steadily, being cautious in planning crowd control and interactions. Events might be more contained and limited in numbers of attendees but the joy at events is derived from the same core, finding ways to celebrate positive situations and innovation.

Looking at stand designs, we utilise technology to boost our understanding of visitors for informational and engagement purpose. This can happen at every stage from pre-event, current happening, and post-event. Spatial Design Planning will attribute less space for product presentations and allow more rooms for person-to- person interaction. 

How do you think events are going to change as a result? 

We have witnessed the possibilities that technology enables through the year. The global pandemic is shedding more light on how the exhibitions & events business may take shape around this possibility. People are ultimately social creatures looking for opportunities to connect and interact. Events are not going to go away forever, but attendees will start looking for experiences that are worth their while. Through using technology to create tech-enabled spaces, we want to offer a sense of safety while still delivering an immersive experience & go beyond technology to define real human values in this new digital ecosystem 

What are you most looking forward to about events returning?

Providing quality craftsmanship to the space, particularly intuitive spatial navigation that pays attention to a conscious state for hygiene and distancing practices while not neglecting the creative pockets for engagement that could be more personal than ever. 

What does the trade show stand of the future look like? 

With live streaming infiltrating our lives, trade shows can go more global than ever. Zones of engagements are more attuned to individual’s preference and personality so stands can focus on equal engagement and captivating audience through social technology.

Meanwhile, we continue to perpetuate a sustainable model for our stands, through repurposing and durability. We want to create long term businesses with our clients, and align with a more eco-conscious, and politically aware generation to come.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Adapt, reshape today & reinvent tomorrow.