Interview with Edward Low, Head of Growth at OrangeDoor

Interview with Edward Low, Head of Growth at OrangeDoor

Edward Low, Head of Growth, OrangeDoor

OrangeDoor have been awarded Diamond at World Exhibition Stand Resilience Awards for Best Pivot to Virtual for a Client.  Delivering a two day digital event, ‘Go Beyond the Senses (Partner Incentive Programme)’ with clients Dell Technologies.

  • What does it mean to you to be a 2021 Winner in the World Exhibition Stand Resilience Awards? 

It was huge. We are incredibly grateful and also super-proud of our people. It’s been a tough year for everyone and winning this award added a real high-note to the business. There were many great pieces of work from an industry that has had to be resilient.

  •  How do you think events are going to change as the industry recovers from the Covid_19 pandemic. 

People are cautious travellers and businesses will have risk/covid policies restricting travel and exposure. This will mean there will be fewer international events and more, smaller, local exhibitions with higher-level attendees. Gone will be the days of lower-level delegates collecting freebees at expos – real, senior decision-makers will attend to make a final purchasing decision. This also means there will be more money spent on the experience – higher-quality, more VIP experiences will drive competition for immersive stands, high quality meeting environments and more theatre. It’s pretty exciting.

  •  What are you most looking forward to about events returning?

There are so many unknowns and the landscape is new albeit with familiar features. We are now all explorers and pioneers so we are charting our own path.  We have a fantastic crew who are excited about the unknown. Our clients are excited too. Cautious in most cases but excited. I believe we will do our best work so far in the next couple of years.

  • What does the trade show stand of the future look like?

Brand and partner roadshows. Mobile and reactive. Experience-led and immersive. Akin to the shift in retail from concessions in large department stores to brand experience retail outlets. Think Nike Town or the Apple Store, but bringing it to the customers. Virtual will organise, inform, segment and excite the customers before-time, while physical shows will react to that intelligence and take the appropriate experience to the customers.

  •  Who’s been your lockdown hero?

Everyone who has had it worse than me: The NHS, the isolated old and young, the individuals who connected their values to actions and went out to help.

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