Interview with Isabel Hidalgo

Name:             Isabel Hidalgo

Company:        Fira Barcelona, buildUP

Job Title:          Director buildUP by Fira


What are the big trends in exhibition stand design?

Interactive designs (stands which have a pure /nordic design and at the same time allow digital interaction with the customer.)


How international is the exhibition industry becoming?

Internalisation is the keyword of the exhibition industry.


What is driving this internationalisation?

The digital world and social media lead to an internalisation, and a marketing instrument such as the exhibition industry has to follow to remain an important medium.


 What has been the best innovation of the past 5 years?



What are clients currently asking for in stand and experience design?

Stands are more customised and design focused, less product oriented and more visual.


How are exhibitions and stand design staying relevant in a digital world?

By remaining the key meeting point.


What do you expect the next 5 years will hold for exhibition stand design?

Smaller stands, more digitalisation and higher quality.


Do exhibitions get the status they deserve versus other marketing channels?

Yes, they still do.


What’s the best exhibition stand or event you’ve seen in the last year?

MWC in Barcelona, IFA in berlin.


If you could change one thing about the world of exhibitions what would it be?

The big differences of the setup, breakdown regulations across the board. The contractor or exhibitor needs to learn each time different regulations and it becomes a challenge plus it is time consuming.


Does stand size matter?

Not really, it is more the design than the size that matters.


What are the biggest challenges for exhibition stand design and build currently?

The biggest challenge is to achieve best quality and innovative design within the budget of the clients, which is less than it was in previous years due to the fast pasted industry.


 What does the future look like for exhibition stand design?

Even more creative designs, including new materials, which are less expensive and at the same time environment friendly (recycling material).