Interview with Sofie Vandenbriele, Director of Bulik Standbouw, World Exhibition Stand Awards 2019 Winner

Name: Sofie Vandenbriele

Company: Bulik Standbouw

Job Title: Director

What did it mean to you to win in the inaugural World Exhibition Stand Awards?
It was an acknowledgement for the immense effort we made to make this booth. It was a never seen project, full of special construction items and products. It was a huge project, but we made it with glance. And this award shows us the meaning of this project, the meaning of this effort, with our whole team.

What are the big trends in exhibition stand design?
The biggest trend is difficult to say, but what is notice is the upcoming ecological factor in the stories companies tell. The visible amount of “green” “plants” “wood” and “green wall”s that give an subliminal feeling of “ecologic”. But also the reusebility of stand construction materials.

What has been the best innovation of the past 5 years?
We are a pioneer and very innovative company. As one of the first companies were are already 3 years ahead on VR and 360 tours. But also the modularity of frames. We used to be woodbuilders but nowadays the seamless stand construction as in woodbuilding, we also can arrange by frames, because cloth printing is possible on 5m and we look for lots of new and difficult systems of reusable inlays.

How are exhibitions and stand design staying relevant in a digital world?
Fairs stay an important part of marketing in a company. An exhibition is a place where people can easily meet new clients but also make appointments with existing clients. A face and body is an important something in communication, 70% of communication is non-verbal. It’s import to see and meet to stay top of mind in this digital world.

Does stand size matter?
For us: NO! the quality and creativity of the booth is much more important